Anyone know if WiFi SD Cards (EyeFi, FlashAir, Transcend) work with Zortrax?

Or know if they don't work, sound like this works on other 3D printers

Wifi SD cards are not for what you are thinking they are for. lol They are for sending pics and that to computers or phones via an app

Quote from 3D Print boards  "Okay so I bought a toshiba 16gb wifi card. It's class 10 so i figure if the wifi doesn't pan out it's still a decent card for my next digital camera. 

The good news - plug it into the flashforge and I can see and access the wifi network it gives out. 

The bad news - toshiba suck. 

The pc software I need to update the card, and maybe do other stuff, was supposed to be on the card and wasn’t. It also wasn’t at the url given in the ‘manual’ I eventually found it via a internet search. 

But it doesn’t talk to the card, and until it’s talked to the card it won’t run.

It doesn’t look like the cards are writable via wifi, but without being able to use the softaware it’s hard to tell. 

Haven’t found a way to upload via the web interface - that’s about as basic as it gets. 

But I haven’t given up. And the main thing is that the printer powers the card and it does generate an accessible wifi network.

So we’re halfway there :-)"

That was posted 9/2014 and no updates or any other info since so I doubt they cracked it. lol

I did find an article a while back about how a guy was able to enable sending data to the Toshiba cards by a quick mod of the cards config file. Just Google “wifi sd 3d printing” to turn some good stuff up. To me though it’s not a big deal since it’ll take longer to transfer the file via Wi-Fi than it would take to swap sd card around.

Hi there joesam!

If there is no need to install any additional software for this cards, then it should run with M200, but to be honest with you we didn't check that yet, so we don't guarantee if it works.




What about the the already installed wifi card in the printer? When can we use it?

I'm affraid that I can't give you any specific information regarding the WiFi right now.

Is there any activity going on right now that will eventually lead towards enabling the WiFi in the M200?

Another question, not being a computer expert, would it not work to just transfer the zcode file, via WiFi, into memory on the M200? Maybe writing to the SD Card? Though, I'm guessing there is very little memory built into the machine in the first place, and it would require a hardware change to add enough memeory so zcode files can be stored, and to store software so you can interact with your PC to the printer so you can select and start a print from your computer.


have a look there :