Wood Filament

Hi guys, I have a question for all of you with experience in 3D printing (specially Julia). Do you have any experience with wood filament?

I know that is better to stick with approved material but… I love to experiment, and the “not plastic” feeling it has.

And, sure, I known that at this time Zortrax software doesn’t have a profile for such type of materials.

I only tested on a 3Doodler pen (as my printer order is stil at “processing”). It looks promising for my interests (the filament not the pen).

After the test I found this: http://www.tridimake.com/2012/10/review-wood-filament.html

And this German supplier: https://shop.germanreprap.com/en/categorie?cat=23

(There are many others): http://www.3ders.org/articles/20130204-wood-filament-laywoo-d3-suppliers-and-price-compare.html


I tried Lay-woo on my afinia and had feed problems, but I think wilsonj here on the forum has used it successfully. I also tried Colorfabb Wood-Fill and had no feed problems at all with that, it worked well (and smelled great!). Not sure how well it would do with the current 260C extrusion temp of the Zortrax, but the developers have promised user-controllable temperature in a future software update.

Thank you Julia! you’re great!

I used a sample bought here in Brazil. I don’t where it came from (China, for sure…)

In the pen flows better in the PLA set (I think is around 230C). But a pen isn’t a printer.

All this is a tech survey to combat the anxiety waiting the printer and trying to answer the question: this tool will fit my needs? Or better: How can I use this printer in a way to empower my way of doing?

I usually work in large scale pieces, with a variety of materials an ways of doing. It’s my first jump in the 3D printing area, that I am flirting so long.

The early Laywood certainly caused blockages, but the current product seems to work fine, and I’ve printed for many hours with no blockages at all. I suspect the particle size may have been reduced, or the quantity. Either way it produces a very realistic wood result. I wouldn’t however try it in the Zortrax with current temperatures as it could burn and block the nozzle.

Support and raft removal can also be difficult, but not impossible to remove and certainly leaves a mark. What I do like about the wood filaments is that layers are very difficult to see, even at .2mm.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, Jamie!

Let’s first wait for the printer (and the new firmware, second!)