Work or printroom is not 200x200 and Z-suite generates a issues when printing big parts.

Dear All,

I am a long time printing with the M200 and I really love it its a great and reliable printer...

Today I wanted to print such a big Item and scaled bigger and cut it to 4 parts with around 195x195mm.....and after the trouble starts.

Z-Suite is just taking care about the part size......if this fits 200x200 all is ok, but Z-Suite is using a raft, this makes the print much bigger.

Z-Suite is cutting the raft at the sides but the M200 still wants to go there and print it........and HIT the FRAME !!!!!!

I guess if the software is so clever to check the printed part why its not checking the print itself after generating?

Even when its cutting the raft,....why the printer wants to go and print, but there is more :

Thats why I checked with a big gauge the travel area of the printer....... its more 195x198 because of the printhead cover and the limit switch !

Thanks Sascha

I think it is not hitting the frame but the endstop switch and it's normal. I have printed such big parts several times and I have never had any problem. 

But there is no Endstop in Y direction.......and at the right in X it hit the frame......looks and sounds like;-)