Working resin temperature


I was looking for correct temperature range, using basic white resin.
I found users around, using heater inside the printer, or closing both in a larger box (not warming up the entire printing room).
Starting it before printing, the gained the 25-30 celsius degree for resin before printing.

I’m not sure about that working temperature; if it’s correct, if is a general temperature or just for the Zortrax white one.

Any ideas ?
Thank you


I’m surprised: really nobody thought about right temperature for printing ?
And moreover, does temperature (togheter with uv light) have effects on post curing?
thank you



While using Zortrax resins, the ambient temperature should be at least 25-26 Celsius degrees. Otherwise, models might not firmly adhere to the platform.

Also, the temperature should not have any effects on post curing.

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Hi Karolina,
thank you for help. I supposed temperature was important for resin along printing process.
I was not sure about the “number”.
I had the idea to warm up just inside the printer, not the whole room (garage) for € reason.

I’m working to a simple project of a little heater without modding the printer.
Just something near the resin.

I’ll tell more after some tests.
Any suggestions is appreciated.

Thank you again



Thank you fo your reply. No further suggestions for the time being, but keep us updated with your prints.

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I had my printer in room where I have arround 18-22C degrees, and I’ve never had a problem with it. You should to know that in the exposure process the resin temperature is growing to the 90C+ degrees


Sure, thank you Karolina


Hi Aleksiej, thank you for advice.
I’ve the printer in garage, difficult to achieve 18 deg now.
Yes, I think 20+ degree would be ok.

I did not know temperature of resin during print process.I’ll have to evaluate right temperature and the way to achieve it.
I’ll write here results. Hope good.

Thank you, I’ll write result.