Would be nice if the forum "remembered" me


I log in here with a Google account (as with many other places).

Most sites remember me (with a cookie I suppose). 

It would be nice if this one did too, so I don't have to re-login with Google and click 'allow' each time I visit the forum.

A small thing, but it's kind of expected these days.


It never forgets me, I can't remember the last time I had to enter credentials.


Julia, do you use Google credentials to log in, or username/password? (I'll guess the latter.)


Username and password.


I suspect I can't switch to un/pw now without losing my "identity" on this forum.

But I don't see why it can't remember me, as other sites do.


I log in with Facebook and it remembers me.


I logged in a long time ago with password, and am still remembered.


So it's just Google credentials, then.