X-axis has a problem


Hello everyone
I have a problem with my work. While typing, leave it at night. When the morning comes back It was found that the workpiece was broken 3 times and the characteristics of the x-axis moved from the center.


Hello @Nopthakon,

Please, have a look at the troubleshooting manual available in Zortrax Support Center. Carefully examine all the steps. If you are unable to solve a problem - please, contact the reseller from whom you purchased the device or reach our Support Department directly via support form.

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This extruder does not move smoothly.



Please, start with the axes maintenance. The extruder has difficulties with moving along the axes, thus it does not reach the calibration point in a given time - the axes might be misaligned. Most of all - clean and lubricate the rods, check if the belts are tens (both long and short ones).

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