X,Y,Z Dimensions issues --> up to 0,7mm difference

Hello again :(

I have big problems printing parts thats comes out in the right dimensions. I have attached the files to this thread. Maybe anyone can help me.

I am really frustated now, and i dont know what to do.

The dimensions differs up to 0,7mm....

The wall on this model should have 1,5mm --> printed out 1,8mm --> difference 0,3mm

The inner wall dimension should have 107,5x67mm --> printed out 106,75x66,35mm --> difference 0,75mm

The outer wall dimension should have 110,5x70mm --> printed out 110,37x70mm --> THATS OK! I can live with that.

The complete height of the model should have 9mm --> printed out 9,23mm -- difference 0,23mm

To be honest... is that normal???

I think its a "wall slice" problem of the software. How thick should a wall be at least?

Because if the wall with 1,5mm were right, the inner dimension should be right too?!?!?

Print settings: Z-Ultrat at 0,14mm --> All settings are default (resettet before printing)

Software: Z-Suite 1.6.1

A cube with 20x20x20 is printed exact.

Can anyone look at my files and give me advice what i can do?

Do the Z-Suite version do have an effect to the dimensions?

Greets Felix

What is strange is the wrong height of 0,23 mm moreĀ  on 9mm while the 20mm cube has the right dimensions.

The other dimensions errors can be simply some warping or shrinking of Abs.

Thank you for the answer.

You think it could be a warping/shrinking issue from ABS. But why are some dimensions are right and some not. A wall of 2mm is printed out 2,16mm and a wall with 5mm is printed out nearly exact to 5,03mm. This seems no warping/shrinking issue.

Theres something that has to do with outer and inner dimensions, but i cant find a "line" or "factor" that i can correct this in the model?!?

How should i calculate this in the model when i construt a new one?

For my jobs i need a tolerance of + - 0,1mm and i think a printer like this can do this.

Do you have other tips and tricks for me?

Thank in further


It seems to me that if you are printing with 0.14 mm height resolution, the best you can expect in Z is +/- 0.14 and probably more like +/-0.2 mm.

Have you tried printing at 0.09 mm height resolution as a test, maybe on a part with the worst dimensional compliance?