Y axis calibration

I'm getting deeper to understand the M200 capabilities and I'm facing out a problem with dimension of parts. I printed a Death Star from thingiverse that is a sphere (divided into two parts to prevent supports) and after scaled it down it was 50mm diameter. It came out printed 50mm on the X side and 49.5 mm on the Y side. It seems that the problem is proportionally present in all the parts I print, I then made a front plate for a my own project and it was 196x40.5mm. It came out exactly 40.5mm on the X side and 195mm on the Y side.

Is there any way to calibrate Y axis or maybe it is related to the mechanics of the Y axis itself?

when you need exact size  in one axis rotate part.

For example if part measures like this one 196x40.5 and you need 196

rotate it 90° so 196 is placed on x axis, then compensate with offset on a factor of 0.03 for outer contours.

There is indeed at least on the v2 I own this issue, havent tested precision on v3 yet.