Yellowing connector

Hi all,
Since few days I remarked a yellowing on the big connector of the plate ( see picture)

This yellowing started to appear since I installed the new version of firmware v1.3.1
So, I would like to know if someone else knows this trouble? If I can continue to use my M200 printer in safety way (risk of fire) ? And finally, what to do to fix this trouble?
Thanks a lot for your help…

Hi, Laurent.
Such issue can occur when the connector is not properly plugged to the heatbed, but it could be also some kind of short circuit too. It’s very unlikely that it’s caused by the firmware. Please, examine the heatbed (connector) for any burn marks. You can also take a picture of the motherboard and send it to us via support form ( Heatbed cable definitely needs to be replaced, we’ll check whether heatbed or motherboard should be replaced too.

Hi Marta,
Thanks a lot for this answer. It is very helpful. After examining the heatbed connector, I can see a burn mark but I think it is a consequence of the burnmark of cable connector. The motherboard is ok, no mark of excessive heating. I will replace the heatbed cable.

I suggest that you send us picture of the motherboard and of pins of the heatbed connector. I would show them to our Technicians, so they can confirm that these parts are not damaged.

Hi Marta!
No problem! See photos

Thanks for the pictures. We haven’t noticed any damage on the motherboard :slight_smile:

Have you checked heatbed connector’s solders too? Are they in good condition?

One more thing - when you connect the cable or disconnect it from the platform, always make sure that the printer is turned off.

The solders of heatbed connector seems ok.

They seem fine, but it would be safer to replace the heatbed as well. If you’d like to do so, please send us a support form.

Wow, I was looking for a similar problem as mine and this problem and the picture taken is exactly what I see on my M300, I will change the heatbed cable as soon as I can, I hope this is not a reoccurring problem because I am used to very long prints on this machine and I leave it printing while I go to work.

Please, make sure you not disconnect the heatbed cable from the platform when the printer is turned on.

It is what I always do, the plate has never been unplugged with the machine on.
Is there anything else that could cause this?

Make sure all the cables are firmly plugged in before starting a print. Also, you may regularly purge the connectors with compressed air and refer to our maintenance guide.