Z-ABS 2 do not show on printer

Yesterday I should print with Z-ABS 2 for the first time. I choosed that material in Z-suite but in the printer display the material row was empty.
Where are the material parameters stored? Are they added in the zcode from Z-suite so it is ok to print even if the material row on printer is empty?
Otherwise, what can the problem be? I have the latest firmware and the Z-ABS 2 shall be compatible with M200.


Hi Jonas,

all information concerning print parameters is saved in .zcode, so yes, you can successfully print Z-ABS 2 on the M200. Although the printer will always show that a given file consumes 0g of this filament - this is fine (this results from the fact that Z-ABS 2 was introduced after the last firmware for the M200 had been released).

Best regards,

Hi Karolina,

That was good news. Thanks for quick reply.


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