Z-ABS with Support Premium

Is it possible to Print Z-ABS with Support Premium? It just allow to set Support ATP on my Z Suite 2.31.
On the New Z-Suite i only can use UTRAT Material nothing else is available…

Thanks a lot

Or is it possible to get the original settings you saved for your Z-ABS Material?
So i can do it with External Materials and put your Settings in for the ABS and choose Support Premium as Support material that would work to.

Thanks a lot!


Z-ABS can only be printed with Z-SUPPORT ATP. However, as Igor suggested - you can choose the ABS-based external printing profile (this is a default Z-ABS profile) and experiment with Z-SUPPORT Premium. However, please note that in such a configuration - the support material may not fully adhere to the model one, causing warping.

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Hi Karolina,

thank you for your answer.
I assumed that was the case but Z-SUPPORT ATP is heavy to find here in Switzerland.
I have to order it from the EU and thats why i want to try it with the Z-SUPPORT Premium.

Thanks a lot!

Beste regards Igor