Z-ASA Pro not working for me



I am new to 3d printing, but that’s a reason I chose Zortrax. Everything is fantastic in Z-ABS, Z-ABS2, Z-ULTRAT and Z-PLA. Z-NYLON is harder for me sometimes but manageable. Just with Z-ASA Pro I never got out something working. In the back left quadrant it wouldn’t even print a raft, I hear weird noises out of the extruder there but nothing coming out. Small parts basically work but have terrible melted looking surface. A smart phone cover failed after 2 hours with layers separating near one clip in the middle of the part.

Are you having success with this material? Do you need to apply tweaks in Z-Suite to get there?

I am thankful for any advice, I love the graphite color!


P.S.: I have M200 Plus, Firmware 2.5.9, Z-Suite 2.22.0, side and top covers mounted


Hi Hendrik,

do you have any pictures of failed prints? Could you provide some .stl and .zcodex files as well?

As for the issue that the raft cannot be printed on a specific place of the platform - does this happen with Z-ASA Pro only? It seems the platform is too close to the nozzle, please calibrate the platform and, if necessary, change the platform offset through the menu. The distance will be increased, so the filament should start extruding properly again.

Also, as both side covers and HEPA Cover are installed - there might be too hot inside the chamber. You may run a test print without these accessories.

Best regards,



unfortunately I have no images of prints showing what I mean - failed layer adhesion is nothing to show, such objects I throw away, and the surface problem samples were all postprocessed trying to save something.

In the meantime I actually had some OK prints. It was smaller thick walled box like things (2 walls with some infill), I increased platform raft gap and first layer gap acouple of klicks, closed the covers, manually heated the heatbed to almost 90 to heat up the space before I started the print. Throughout one roll of ASA never was fully satisfied, until the end always had something that I had to write of as failure.

Now coming back to Z-ABS was such a pleasure! I will not get another Z-ASA roll until I hear some success stories here on the board or a future Z-Suite release does something to Z-ASA handling.