Z-ASA PRO : The raft stick too hard !



I printed several times the same piece ( > 50x) in Z-ASA PRO with Z-ASA profile, without any problem. It was perfect.


But now, after printing a piece, it is impossible to detach the raft from the object.

He sticks too hard and is totally welded.


The calibration was redone, the axles were lubricated, all the screws checked.

Fan test is ok.

But the problem persists.

The object is allways very well printed but the raft is still welded

What printer problem could this be ?

Heater and Thermocouple ?

Hotend ?

Print bed too hot ?

Something else ?

Thanks for the answers.


Hi Axel,

Please print the piece one more time with fan speed increased to 100% in order to enhance the process of cooling down the print.

As you've printed the same model many times without any trouble, it indicates that the problem is with hardware. Presumably the heater is malfunctioning. I suspect it's slightly overheating and, in cosequence, the bond between the raft and the actual model is too strong.

Test the model with 100% fan speed and get back to me with the result.

Thank you for the answer.

First of all :

- Raft impossible to remove from the object because it is welded : the problem exists when I use the Z-ASA PRO profile regardless of the position of the part on the plate. It occurred gradually after +/- 50 impressions of the same object (+/- 1h10 '/ object).

- I have no problem when I print the same part with the profile “EXTERNAL MATERIALS - ABS based filament”: platform temp: 80 °; extrusion temp: 256 °; print speed: + 10%

I also printed +/- 100 other pieces (other object) with this profile without problem.

I use this print profile because I can use 0,29 layer thickness.


First print of the day with this objet : 

Your Test with profile Z-ASA PRO and fan speed : 100 °

Perfect print and the raft is removed from the plate but it is still very difficult to remove the raft from the object.

The piece is round and small (see drawing)

Second print of the day with the same objet with my settings "EXTERNAL MATERIALS - ABS based filament": platform temp: 80 °; extrusion temp: 256 °; print speed: + 10%)
No problem to remove the raft from the objet !

I wonder if the plate does not heat up too much ?

What is the T ° of the plate with the Z-ASA PRO profile ? Warmer than the ABS profile (80 °) ?

Are the print profiles the same between Z-Suite v1,11 and v2 Beta ?

My printer is 30 months old (2.5 years old): I replaced last year the :

- Hotend V1 -> hotend V2

- New extruder cable + new extruder PCB

- new thermocouple and heater

Do I have to change the cable of the plate ?


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I think the easiest way to find out is to test your models on my printer. Please send me stl and zcodes (for both - regular Z-ASA profile and the one from external materials).

There were minor fixes for Z-ASA material between versions 1.11 and 1.12. Therefore, you should use the latest one.

Please pass me the files. I'll conduct some tests and get back to you with proper feedback.

Thanks for the data you provided. It's very useful.

Hello MarcinR,

Yesterday, I printed 9 pieces with my personal profile (“external materials”) without any problem!

As soon as I print with the Z-ASA PRO profile, the raft is welded.

I also tried with Z-Suite 2.1 Beta : same problem.

Here is my stl

Thank you for your tests.


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Hi Axel,

I'm sorry for late response. I have difiiculties with downloading the file.

Could you reach me via PM?

We will sort it out, no worries.