Z-Axis Being Wierd

So, when I move the bed in maintenance mode everything operates as it should. When I try to run a print or auto calibrate and the machine thinks it is moving the bed up to the nozzle it is actually moving down very slowly. At first I thought there was some slippage in the nut or something. But no, the z rod is actually turning counter clockwise very slowly. I reverted the firmware back to 1.3.0. No joy. Reloaded 1.3.1 from a new download. Still no joy. Anybody have any ideas?


could you please take a video showing how the platform moves during autocalibration and send it via support form? Since the platform moves up and down in the maintenance mode without such a problem - I am afraid that some component might have short-circuited. Please check if the heatbed cable is firmly plugged into the platform and motherboard. Once we receive the video - we will discuss the case with our specialists.

Best regards

I found the problem. It was the bed plate. It seems one of my students was scraping a print too aggressively and hit the connections at the back. Fortunately we had a spare on hand and we got the printer back up and running in short time.