Z axis calibration issue

I'm having huge issues getting the z axis properly calibrated. Manual and automatic calibration work just fine, but when I go to print (my models and the example models), the platform drops well below the extruder/hotend so that every print fails. Also when I stop the print, the platform continues to move down well past its capability so that the z axis makes a grinding noise. It doesn't stop of its own volition either and I'm forced to turn off the machine to prevent it from getting damaged. Has any one else had this issue? Or solved it? Zortrax support haven't responded to my support form request for advice.

I received my new printer yesterday. I followed the guide and a youtube video's thoroughly and updated the firmware to 0.0.8 before printing. Before I updated the firmware I did the calibration and that worked normally. I got -0.1 at the back right and 0.3 at the center, the rest was at 0.

After updating the firmware I started my first print it(the standard model on the SD). It started printing mid-air(1-2cm too high) and I decided to cancel the print. I tried calibrating it again, but the platform kept lowering itself instead of moving up.

After turning the device on/off a gazillion times and putting back 0.0.7 and 0.0.8 it somehow managed to calibrate normally again. I even managed to print a small part. This morning when I turned the printer on it started to lower itself again.

My reseller told me to check if the small performated plate cable was connected properly. I checked it several times, but that didn't help. I sent him several photo's and he didn't see anything wrong.

Tomorrow I'll get a new plate, because maybe I received a defect plate.

perhaps multiple issues.

First of all be careful with the sample prints, I had the same issue with my printer (bought in April), just slice another model and try this first. There have been SD cards delivered with defective samples on it.

If I remember right, i saw others reporting calibration issues with 0.0.8, I would try 0.0.7, recalibrate and a newly sliced object.

I put back 0.0.7 and did not insert the Zortrax SSD, but it still lowers itself when calibrating.

The machine thinks it's touching something when it attempts to move up. You can hear it trying to move up, but after a few failed attempts it stops trying and lowers itself.

The move-up command however works just fine.

I'll get a different plate tomorrow, maybe that will fix it.

*** Edit ***

Different plate didn't fix the problem.

Think you should ask your reseller to fix or replace it.

I had a similar problem, the plate moved down and printing in air. It was after I got the V2 perf. board and used the old heating plate. Zortrax sent me new perf. board and heating plate, then all was OK.