I want to know more about Z-code. Is there any difference between G and Z code? Should I run some G-code created by the other slicer on Zortrax?

Z-code is totally new and we use binary format.

G-code cannot be used with Zortrax.

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Is there anyway to run gcode on the current firmware?

It's all just instructions to the printer so there must be a 1-1 mapping from gcode to zcode no? Or would we have to rip out the current controller and put in our own to run gcode on this machine?

It's very limiting only being able to use Z-Suite/zcode for prints, especially if you would like to customize many different parts of your prints, including the angles of the infill, support, rafts etc. Using an open source format is the best way to quickly accommodate this so you don't have to build up everything yourself (adding these features to Z-Suite).

Is gcode support somewhere on the roadmap for this printer firmware or must we find another way to make it work?

This is not open source. You can use only *.zcode, I've never seen simillar print quallity in any open source slicer :)

@Mark82, I agree that the print quality is fantastic for most items, but I'm talking about making structurally sound prints (not just prints that look nice). For this use case it would be nice to customize certain aspects of the prints such as the angles/shapes of the in-fill.

Maybe it's asking a little too much at the moment but it's something to keep in mind moving forward. If *.zcode is the only option for the future of Zortrax it would be nice to see some more work done on customizing the fill. As stated in a previous post, the fill was left out in Z-Suite viewing to save gfx memory, but it would be nice to have an option to cusomize/view the infill.

It's possible I'm thinking about this wrong and the proper way to do this would be to build the internal stucture into the .stl file and turn off support and just hope it turns out right. Any ideas on this? I should probably start a new thread....

i think we should be able to see infill.

i think an option to show infill is not a tall order at all.