Z-ESD and external material printing issue

Hello everyone,

I have some issues with the Z-ESD and external materials.

1. There are 3 quality options in the Z-Suite: high, medium, draft. If I use the medium or draft printing quality while using Z-ESD material, the extruder is jamming when it is printing the first layer of the raft, so the first layer have poor quality and it comes off the plate later. I tried everything to solve this problem, but I couldn't. Is this a hardware or software problem?

2. If I set up the plate temperature to e.g. 105 °C, the surface of the plate is only 85 °C in reality. I tried the platform maintenance but it didn't solve the problem. Is the heater or thermocoupler faulty?

Thank you for the help!


Hi Daniel,

It seems like the bed isn't levelled correctly and it causes the difficulties you've faced.

Please go thorugh the platform maintenance and the autocalibration. Let me know if it helps.


Hi MarcinR,

I tried it multiple times before, but sadly it did not help.  :(

I have got a V2 perforated plate too, but I get the same results with it.

Should I try a new thermocoupler+heater and nozzle?

Thanks for the help! :)

Does it happen only while printing a couple of first layers?

Yes, when it printing the first layers of the raft:


I have got another problem, this time it is the Z-PETG material.

The results are very bad:


Do you have any tips regarding Z-PETG?

Thanks for the help!


I meant if it happens ONLY when printing the first layers.

Anyway, I see the nozzle touched the already build layers. It still looks like a calibration problem.

Or the nozzle is clogged if it happens throughout the entire print. Also, the blobs indicate an issue with overheating. Do you have a multimeter? We could check the resistance on the heater in order determine whether it's ok or not.

How long have you used the current nozzle/hotend? How many hours have you been using it so far?