Z ESD V2 issues on M200+

we have printed a lot of parts with ZESD V2 on our 3 M200+, but recently, on a 20h print, we have problems at the end of the parts. Two differents problems depending of the printer. Two had a problem of quality of the upper surface with low extrusion of the filament while the rest of the part is perfect, tow machine same problem. One M200+ had a problem of blocked nuzzle while it was a new one for the print.
Zsuite is the last version 2.25.0 and the firmware of the M200+ also the last release 2.6.3. The filament was a new coil for each one.
Does anybody has problems with ESD V2 printing.

A precise that if we print small parts of 2/3 hours, the quality is perfect.

Thanks for your help.

my problems continue with ASA PRO, a lot of stringing…

Hello Cassé,

do you have any pictures that show a problem with the quality of print? Could you also provide .zcodex and .stl files?

Since you are using an old Z-SUITE 2.25.0 Beta version - I would suggest updating to the newest, stable one (2.26.0).

Also, how many hours have the printers done so far? Some consumable parts might require replacement. I see you already had a problem with the nozzle - it got clogged despite the fact it was brand new, so please note that either the hotend or heater&thermocouple might require replacement. If you are facing stringing - this would mean the prints are overheated. Just in case - run the fan test to ensure all fan coolers are operational.

Best regards,