Dear Zortrax team,

does Z-ESD has an abrasive effect to the nozzle?


I'm not sure what you exactly mean by an "abrasive effect". I suppose you're referring it to the possibility of getting a congestion within a nozzle. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Z-ESD is quite dense material (PET-G - based with an addition of carbon into the mixture) and the nozzle requires to be replaced every couple hundreds of hours.

Let me know if the abovementioned is the piece of information you've been looking for.


many thanks for your answer. What I would like to know is wether the carbon destroys the nozzle, as it is said from some carbon filled filaments. However hundreds of hours is an informative guideline.




A nozzle is a consumable part and it gets worn out either way - no matter whether you use Z-ESD, Z-ABS or some different filament. Normal usage with any material leads to an eventual wear of the part. However, it should serve you for about 250 hours of work.

Just enjoy the quality of this material and its unique properties.

Perfect, thank you.