Z-Firmware BETA V0.0.4 is ready to download!

New Z-Firmware features

  • Added platform auto calibration feature - step by step commands on display menu
  • Added print cancellation option (push the button for 10sec)
  • Added pause option - you can set pause point in Z-Suite or do it by pushing the button for 10 sec
  • Pause option allows you to:
  • * stop print process and back to it later
    • print model in multicolor - change filament color in any time during print, choose Change filament option
  • Added option for moving Up/Down the platform using the display menu
  • Added heating extruder option on the display menu
  • Fixed bug with requirement of restart the printer after every print
  • Calibration section on display menu changed to Maintenance section
  • Fixed many small bugs with acceleration
  • Many non visible improvements added and bugs fixed
  • How to update you Z-Firmware

    • Download Z-Firmware V0.0.4 from here and extract zip file. Copy update.bin on your memory card, insert it into the printer, then turn on the Zortrax.

    Do you have any questions? Go and create new topic here.