Z-Flex Under extrusion

Anyone know what can cause this kind of under extrusion on the raft when using z-flex. Have you had any problems swapping between z-flex and abs on the same machine? I had a couple of nice (but small) prints with it yesterday after a couple of false starts and now I'm getting this.

I would check the extruder pinion. Maybe some crumbs of ABS stuck between teeth preventing extrusion.



Thanks Andi, it's a brand new machine, which I should have mentioned. However, I might have found the issue. I have my printer with its back to the wall, and these z-flex reels are so fat it was rubbing against the wall, where the normal thickness reel would be fine. Also in an attempt to take all the tension off the filament on the second run I let a few inches hang down from the reel, but with z-flex, it's so flexible it had pulled up between the reel and the back of the printer, winding itself a little around the spool holder. One of the issues is that the filament feed in is a little closer to the back of the machine than the M200's simple plastic guide making this a little more likely to happen. I think I'm going to invest a little bit of deisgn time in filament management on the M200+ particularly for the z-flex.

Turns out the nozzle was slightly blocked too, possibly as a result of a lack of material supply while printing, and what material there was in the nozzle being baked in, rather than being flushed through. All printing fine now.

Z-FLEX spool requires a different typ of spool holder. Please print this one, preferably with Z-ULTRAT.


Thanks Marcin, I've already sorted it. It's all good now.