Z-flex unload problem and stuck on the gear

good morning i have problem with inventure and z flex. i have print 1 file and is come good, but when i have try to unload the filament was completly stuck on the extruder gear. i have check on zsuite retraction but i cant found

Hi Ugo,
I have had some prints with z-flex before, and I have to say - no problems occured on the unload. When I’m going to unload the material I pull very slightly on the filament, just to feel the extruder gear to pull out from the nozzle at the moment the temperature was reached. When I feel no movement any more the filament left the extruder gear and I can pull it out.
In this forum I raised the question if it is possible to use the cartridge with z-flex as well and whether there is anyone who has experience on this but no answer from the experts til today.

hi Uwe, thank you very much for your kindly replay.
unfortunatly today i have try to unload the flex filament but was impossible because was stuck into the gear. so i dismountled all extruder to kleen up the gear.