z-glass fan advice!

Good afternoon!

I print the product with a material z-glass
I am printing not in the "vase" mode
The product has a 30% filling!
The question is - in which mode is it better to use fans?
In the automatic? Or 100%
Thank you in advance!

Hi kasilov!

Is it a big model?

Generally, the bigger the model, the lower fan speed is required. However, I'd like to see the model first before I make an official statement. :)

If you don't face issues with removing the raft and support structures from the printed part, I would stay with the auto setting.

Good afternoon. Thanks for the answer. Model cloud! I already sent it to you when asked about the hole :slight_smile: Here is the message with model http://forum.zortrax.com/index.php?/topic/3122-best-hole/#entry32559

Ok, I see.

The auto setting should be fine. I don't see the necessity of increasing it.