Z-Glass specs

I have a year old roll of Zglass I've not opened.  I've done lots of prints but nothing in Zglass.  Searching forums here I've found sporadic tests but am curiious if others could share some of their experiences specifically.

1. If I do a single wall surface or shell (in and out) to make a vase for example.  What have others found is the max angle Zglass will print at e.g. 40 degrees off of vertical?

2.  Are larger volume prints that don't cross the off vertical axis degree too much feasible in Zglass or is it best kept to smaller prints? In other words is warping an issue in larger, longer prints as is ABS?

3.  Are the prints still interesting even if infill is required (realize this is specific to each person) but love to hear other's opinions.

Best regards,


Hi Jason!

Given that Z-GLASS is a translucent type of material, it works best when printing vases or lamps. 

However, Christmas is coming, so I encourage you to use it for some tests with Christmas ornaments. :)

As Z-GLASS is PETG-based material, the risk of warping is low. The shrinkage rate of Z-GLASS is minimum - a way lower than in case of Z-ABS.

Please pass me a concrete example of a model you want to print using this material.

I'll print a sample for you and then we will draw conclusions :)