Z-HIPS on M300 Dual


does anyone have settings for Z-HIPS on M300Dual? Wanted to try this material but noticed already there is no profile for Z-HIPS what is pretty incomprehensible.


Our specialists are working on providing more printing profiles. With the recent Z-SUITE Beta release we added new materials for M300 Dual (such as Z-PLA Pro or Z-FLEX), so please, stay tuned. We will provide Z-HIPS profile as soon as possible.

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Hi, I’d like to report a problem with standard profile for Z-HIPS on M300 Dual; it looks like something is wrong as i’m always getting huge warping. See the pictures for example, even with these small (less than 4cm wide) hollow parts I got all these cracks. Tried many files and settings and couldn’t produce a single usable part.
I’m quite surprised since I never saw something similar even on cheap materials - and I know for sure this is not the case since Zortrax products are always really good.
Any suggestion regarding the printing settings or something else?

Thank you and best regards.