z-hips warping & shrinkage

hi all

I just finish a 14h print in z-hips 0.14, medium infill  and normal speed and i see thas my piece have "shrinked and warped"

by the way I print with the side cover on the zortrax. and z-juice

what can i do tho have less shrinked? 


try light infill to reduce shrinked ;)

Large straight flat parts are the worst when it comes to warping. light infill and turn off the fan to help a bit more, swap over to purple Elmers washable glue (Z-Liquid is ok for one or two prints but a pain in the ass after that).


ok thanks I will test that :D

What do you mean when you write that?

Z-Liquid is ok for one or two prints but a pain in the ass after that

I've to print several large parts and plan to use Z-liquid

When I use Abs slurry, I wait until the first layer of raft is down and then I apply a tiny bit in a couple of spots around the edge and works great.  I tend to use on larger parts and for the smaller ones I only use a glue stick. 

I haven't noticed more or less shrinkage or warping from Zhips compared to the others, of course I have only used a roll in a half of Zhips as I don't really prefer it. For me it doesn't have a particular use.