Z-Material in Simplify3D


So after owning 2 M200’s for a while I decided to buy a Flashforge Creator Pro just for fun. To keep things easy, and since I have a good connection for Z-Materials, I plan on using Z-ABS and other materials in the Flashforge when I have to.

I know Z-ABS runs a bit hotter than most ABS at 275. I was wondering if anyones ever set up a profile for Z-ABS and what temps and other settings they used to get it working. I know using the M200 as a benchmark for fine tuning my Creator is not going to be perfect. I will never get matching results, but I sure would like to get it as close as possible.

So if anyone has any Simplify3D profiles they would like to share or whatever that would be great. I also plan on doing at least UltraT once I get ABS down.