Z-PLA PRO Performance

So...... I was using Polymax PLA lately and it produces good results in terms of no warping but hole dimensions usually turn to be smaller than designed. when printing with Z-hips for example I get more accurate prints. so question is does Z-PLA pro negate the problem of warping? and is it as accurate as Z-HIPS or Z-ABS? I'm planning to get it with the HEPA cover.

Thanks for your participation

I only tested one spool of the material, maybe it’s a bad batch, but right know it is the worst material I ever bought from Zortrax. Massive extrusion problems when printing the raft… (See the thread in the printing with Zortrax topic)

Wouldn’t recommend it so far.

Regarding your question, I am printing quite a big object right now (which I already tried in ABS, ULTRAT and HIPS)…

Let’s wait for tomorrow for an answer. :wink:

To answer your question:

There is no wrapping - like at all.

I printed the model shown in the pictures in ABS, ULTRAT and HIPS and all these materials had wrapping issues…

This one doesn’t.

Nevertheless, using the same printer setup which work fine with all other materials,

printing quality with PLA Pro is insanely. Considering the price of the material it’s unacceptable.

To be fair: I did use the same hotend with PLA, which I also use for the other materials…

Tips and tricks suggest a dedicated hotend for PLA Pro - you might want to buy this as well.

The pictures show my printing attempt on an excellently working Zortrax when using ABS.

No hardware changes, no special treatment, using the sugggested settings.

As you’ll see the surface is insanely bad due to extrusion issues, sams as the model’s strength.

It broke right after removing it from the raft and can be easily cracked by hand…

On the plus side, it does not wrap at all.

Would I recommend it though? DEFINITELY NOT.