Z-suit keeps creating holes in my models and support structure through the model


Hi there,


I'm finding that Z-suit keeps making holes in my models when I prepare them for print, and then obviously causes the print to fail.

The model is fine before hand, but the printer software is actually creating holes or puts the support structure through the actual parts of the model.


Any help with avoiding this would be greatly appreciated.


I've added the files and a pic of the holes its making. Is it the model or the software?


check your mesh for geometry errors, there are lots of them



I've also had a similar problem if the walls on your model are too thin.


Hey guys,

Thanks for your help, glad it was a model fault and not something I couldn’t fix.

I’m only new to all of this and obviously have a lot more to learn about 3D modelling.

I have learnt to check my prints a lot more rigorously from now on.

I’ve some how managed to fix it in meshmixer, so we’ll see how the next print goes.

Thanks again.