Z-Suite 0.9.5 Mac - is this where I report a bug?

Running Yosemite 10.10.1, MacBook Pro Retina, 3.6.0 framework. If "print" is selected while a part is selected (blue selection prism around it) the print dialog comes up, you select "print". The print dialog goes blank and does not dismiss. In the window underneath you can see that the slicer slices, the code generator generates and completes but the program is otherwise unresponsive and must be force-quit. In this state, the blank print dialog remains the foreground window, activating another application like Safari will be under this window (but on top of the main Z-Suite window. 

Same file, if the part is not selected (no blue selection box) everything is normal. 

Edit: I have since discovered it will happen sometimes when a part is not selected as well.

More information on this:

The main window continues to work, it is just covered by the now zombied print dialog window. If I move the print dialog window to the side before I hit "Print" I can view the z-code, save it, go back to the model, and do it all over again. The zombie blank print dialog is unresponsive. If I do this multiple times I will get multiple zombie print dialog windows. They will not dismiss, cannot be closed or moved. They overlay anything else, even the foreground task. The only other thing that appears to go dead is the Z-Suite menu in the main menu bar at the top of the screen. However the program can be quit by using the red button on the main window, provided a zombie print dialog window does not overlay it.

Here is an example after three different "print" dialogs. Note the 3 zombie windows to the right:


And if I activate Safari from the dock, it properly overlays the main Z-Suite window but is under the zombie windows even though it is now the foreground task:


Yeah. Yosemite has issues with Zsuite. I went back to Mavericks because of that.

Ofcourse now I am using my iMac for everything cause my MBP logic board SD slot is out and sent it to Apple to fix. Problem is that while under warranty there a bend on my Charger slot that happened over a year ago when I got it, now they say depending on tech they will have to "requite" the mac and charge to have bend fixed before they replace logic board. :( Or I can just go without the SD slot and use my USB SD reader. But why have an SD slot if you can't use it. lol

I'm crossing my fingers he just replaces it and leaves the bend alone.

Got into a spat over Yosemite with customer rep telling him Yosemite has bugs and he said no its perfect and that 3rd party software might make it run weird but thats not Apples fault. I felt like hitting him since I ran a clean install of Yosemite without 3rd party and finder and Safari still froze up. Then he said it was probably just my logic board. lmao. Ok then

Would like to run Yosemite but I don't trust it yet. Not when I have to use Zsuite and other 3rd party software.


I haven't had much trouble with Yosemite running native apps (Yosemite came preinstalled on this MBP). Certainly nothing with the windows manager like that. But I could easily imagine something in the framework being incompatible. My backup plan would be to use the PC version on VMWare, have to do that on all the CAM software anyway. I wonder if Z-Suite runs on XP? I'm still waiting for MS to work the bugs out of the later OS versions  :P .

hello everyone,

I also have the same problems, I have to close Z suites and restart it.
The problem occurs randomly, and then I did not understand what the cause is.
I hope all will solve, thanks to all


I had the same issue from the beginning (Z-Suite_V0.0.7.2)

Workaround: Select print from the main window, fill in what is needed including advanced features, but before you click Prepare to Print, move the Print dialog window so that it does not overlap the main application window. This does not always prevent the Print Dialog window from going blank, but (for me anyway) the main application window continues to work, you can observe and save your zcode file, and close the program normally. You can even Return to Model and do another Print, though after you have several zombie print dialog windows off to the side it will eventually crash, so best to close it and relaunch. 

Could someone inform Zortrax if this happens on Mavericks (10.9)? I don't have a system handy to regress it.

hello everyone,

I did some tests , and indeed, if the windows do not overlap , it seems that the problem will not occur .

greetings to all

The problem will occur, just not on the first attempt (which makes it a pretty good work around). If you go "Back to Model" and "Print" again several times, even moving the windows so they do not overlap each time, it will still eventually wedge. It usually takes about 4 round trips.