Z- Suite 1.6.1 Released

 Marcin, is the Z-axis bug fixed in this version? 

Just read the change log and it states "Fixed issues with Z Axis dimensions" in bold. 


 Marcin, is the Z-axis bug fixed in this version? 

Just read the change log and it states "Fixed issues with Z Axis dimensions" in bold. 


It has been fixed, yeah ;) 

ps. hotfixed version released - http://support.zortrax.com/downloads/software/?os=macosx

Will this automatically update when I open Z-suite?

It hasn't happened yet when I open 1.6.0


I just upgraded to 1.6.1 Windows - How does Z-Suite know which Hardware Version of the M200 I'm running? I selected M200 as my printer, but I don't know how to tell it that I have HW V2.



Starting with Z-Suite 1.5 the HW version is not selectable anymore and V2 (trapez screw) is the hardwired default setting that is written to the Z-Code header.

Anyway, the coordinates in the Z-Code commands are independent of the HW revision and I would assume the printer “knows” its HW revision either because it’s stored in some eeprom entry or embedded into the serial number.

So probably the hardware revision selectable in older versions was never actually used by the printer.

I should have checked 1.6.1 before posting. Surprisingly, v1.6.1 (in contrast to 1.5.x and 1.6.0) uses V1/V3 (ball screw) as hardwired setting in the Z-Code header (but it still uses the Z2 coordinate that was always only used for V2).

Actually, the different HW (and SW) revision in the header is the only difference when comparing ZCode from 1.6.0 and 1.6.1.

If the Z size issue was actually "fixed" in 1.6.1 and was never existing in 1.4.x, it would be quite a coincidence if it wouldn't have do to with the V2 vs. V1/V3 hardware revision since that was hardwired to V2 in all the versions showing the Z size issue.

I begin to wonder how professionally this SW is developed. First they messed up backwards compatibility in 1.6.0 by renumbering the layerThickness enumeration and fixed it with another workaround instead of simply reverting to the old enumeration. Now there are more and more hints that they are using some weird Z size patching in the firmware depending on the HW revision embedded in the header. Indeed I wonder if the Z size issue has now shifted to V2 machines.

Just upgraded from V1.5 to (I had reverted to 1.5 after trying out 1.6). Every time I start Z-Suite on my Mac Pro w/16 GB on El Capitan 10.11.5 the icon still bounces for 1min and 45sec before the program finally opens. Judging by posts here and elsewhere I'm not the only Mac user experiencing this. Is it because the Mac version runs in Mono? If so, why did previous versions do this the first time I started the program but normally after that while this one does it every single time? Is there a fix in the works?

Once I got Z-Suite running I sliced a half dozen .stl files with and without inserting pauses but haven't printed any of them yet - my "print lab" (4th bedroom) is too hot here in NJ. Anything I need to watch for?   

Just a guess but they added some additional anti-debugger detection in 1.6.x in addition to the encryption on bytecode level that existed before.

These are mechanisms that could trigger some behavior based trojan/virus detection. Or maybe the Mac implementation of that protection crap is just worse than that on Windows.