Z-suite 1.7.0

Has anyone else noticed that the print duration is the same regardless of selecting fine or medium quality print?

Yep. Actually for all the STL files I tried, the created ZCode files were binary identical apart from the "PrintQuality" identifier in the ZCode header.

I noticed 

looks like zortrax have spent more time getting the m300 released than fixing the problems with 1.6.1

Yeah, guess this happened when they renamed the PrintingSpeed with two settings (0:normal, 1:fast) to PrintingQuality with three settings (0: coarse, 1: medium, 2: fine).

At least the quality seems to be always "fine" and the ZCode created looks quite similar to what 1.6.x created with "normal" settings.

Side note: they messed again with the layer command that was introduced in 1.6. Now the raft layers have negative numbers and the first real layer is number 0 while it was number 1 in 1.6.

I wonder if this creates new incompatibilities when viewing pause commands of ZCode created in 1.6.

I've been trying to figure out what the print quality feature is just a direct rename of print speed with like deadbeef said 0:normal, 1:fast, although even in prior versions I never noticed any speed difference in either way and I guess from what you guys say now, its really not doing anything either. That kind of sucks. :huh:

Also how are you guys even viewing the zcode, thought that isn't possible.

The replacement of Speed (0,1) with Quality (0,1,2) in the ZCode header is a fact. So it's obvious that they renamed speed to quality and added a third setting for the m300.

I haven't tested the "Fast" speed setting lately, but as far as I recall it did make a difference in some previous version (either v1.4.x or v1.5.x) but it wasn't a big difference.

And yeah, ZCode can be decoded of course, it's just the Zortrax has made clear that they don't like any information about it being spread publicly. So I don't.