Z-Suite 2,1 Beta


Is it possible to keep and use two versions of Z-Suite ?

I would like to test Z-Suite 2.1 Beta and continue to use Z-Suite 1,12 on the same PC.

How to do ?

thanks for the answers

im work on win 10 x64 - Im install 1.7.1 to Program Files (x86) and beta to Program Files and booth work ok. But install 1.7.1 first

Thank you for the answer.

I work on Win 7 pro


You installed the 2 versions in 2 separate folders ?

In your PC, Z-Suite Beta does not overwrite the other version ?

I also have 2 versions: 1.12 and 2.1, while installation change folder name (f.e. from Zortrax to Zortax_2-1),

no conflicts,

the only thing is to make 2 shortcuts because only one of them is default program to open files