Z-SUITE 2.10.0 and firmware for M300 Dual


Hi, everyone!
We’ve just released new Z-SUITE 2.10.0 version. Please, see the changelog below.

M Series Plus/ M Series Dual:

  • Zortrax M300 Dual has been added to the list of supported devices,
  • It is now possible to choose up to 10 walls and up to 10 bottom layers in the Shell mode,
  • Introduces a new infill pattern - Grid (patt. 1) - which generates full grid on each layer of the print,
  • Introduces the Thin Walls Infill option which generates denser and more durable infill in thin walls,
  • Printing profiles for the M Series Plus printers have been updated: Z-PLA for M200 Plus and Z-PLA, Z-ABS, Z-PCABS for M300 Plus,


  • Introduces the Overgrowth correction option which corrects model’s outer dimensions and enlarges holes (1 pixel decreases dimensions on both sides by 0.1 mm in total),

Other changes:

  • Recently used 3D printers are now indicated in the New Project window,
  • Fixes minor bugs.

As always you can update your Z-SUITE via auto-updater or download it from our Support Center.

We’ve also uploaded firmware for M300 Dual.


Hi everybody.

Enjoy, a new software.

Thanks Bob


Hoops error, deleted


Where the hell can the M300 Dual be configured to set each nozzle/print head???
Start of M300 Dual ca. 40 sec. :-1:
No “Undo” Function :sob:


@Bob_du_38 Mono Framework is required on MacOS for proper Z-SUITE functioning. If you don’t have any issue with it, you probably have it installed :slight_smile:

@Korni-M300 You need to choose printing mode in material group to access printing options. Undo option is available in the top right corner, next to my devices button.


No “Undo” Function :sob:
OK, found it

You still have a lot to learn (in dual printing) … have a look at e.g. IdeaMaker or other dual printer slicers…
There the left or right nozzle is explicitly addressed and configured individually. How should I print e.g. (in Z-Suite) with 2 parts on the printing plate, one part with the left nozzle and another part with the right nozzle ??? This is ONLY an example/question … IMPOSSIBLE


Hi , I’ve got the M300 and today I received the last update via internet. After the update the software doesn’t recognize materials ( there isn’t any box where you can choose if use internal or external materials ), it only recognize ABS. In addiction it lost temperature functions and so on. I opened the softwares of Others printers and I saw they haven’t got theese problems. Would you mind helping me solve theese problems ? What can we do? I need to solve this problem as soon as possible.

I’ve already tried to unistall completely and install again from the beginning.


Sorry wrong sections , I don’t know the site . Can you help me anyway ?


Try to delete file C:\Users\Your_User_Name\AppData\Roaming\Zortrax\printsettings.cfg - it probably got corrupted during the update process. After some previous update It worked for me.


HI marta
Like usually, thank



@Korni-M300 As I’ve mentioned before, second nozzle is for printing support structures only. You can change some of the settings, such as temperature or support density. More options will appear with time.

@rotax123 We’re working to fix this bug.


Yes, but the problem starts when the support material needs a different printing temperature, printing speed etc. … how/where/when can I adjust the individual print nozzles separately ???
Absolutely unprofessional, quickly stolen together, completely unthought through, user UNfriendly. Shame on you Zortrax :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The newest Z-Suite (2.10.1) still calculates a 3x LONGER print time like my 3 other 3D printers in the highest resolution (0.05mm).


Hi, Eric.
All settings that you’ve mentioned are available in Z-SUITE:
We will be adding new options with time.
As for the printing time, our printing profiles are adjusted to get the best possible quality. If you would like to print your models faster, you can always use external materials profiles.


thank you so much . I tried and now it works