Z-SUITE 2.11.0 released


Hi, everyone!

We’ve just released new Z-SUITE 2.11.0 version. Here is the full changelog:

  • It is now possible to add other resin 3D printers to the panel – you can specify platform’s dimensions, display resolution and output file format,
  • Adds support for three new resins: BlueCast X5 , BlueCast X10 and BlueCast Original (for layers 0,025 and 0,05),
  • Introduces new infill type for Inkspire – Hollow – you can adjust the wall thickness and infill density, and add drain holes in a model’s structure,
  • Offset: Outer contours and Holes values can be now increased up to 1 mm for LPD and LPD Plus printers,
  • Quality improvements when printing in the raftless mode for M300 Dual,
  • GUI improvements: New Project window, program icon, splash screen,
  • Microsoft Windows users no longer need the Administrator Account to install Z-SUITE,
  • Minor bug fixes including:
  • detecting the materials loaded in the M300 Dual when transferring .zcodex files from My Devices panel has been fixed,
  • downloading files through the autoupdater for Windows has been fixed.

As always you can update your Z-SUITE via auto-updater or download it from our Support Center .
Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


@cederom we’ve added some new options for Inkspire :slight_smile:


whoah! infill and shell thickness for Inkspire! cant wait to test!! thank you @Marta and The Z Team! =)


Hi all.

Something wrong in this app?
Z-Suite want to connect to “app.humdash.com” and is blocked by OSX.



Why only Layer 0.05mm and no other settings (0.1, 0.2 mm …)?
Wanhao D8 Settings, External Resin



Same question as Korni-M300. Why only 50 microns available?

In addition, in the Mac version I don’t see the list of the available printers when I add a new project as on Windows, it goes directly to the 3D scene. So, on Mac I cannot have access to the “External LCD Printer” button. Is there something I missed for the Mac version?



You probably have chosen default printer. Go to File->Preferences and change DefaultPrinter to None.


@Bob_du_38 There is nothing wrong with this app. You can add it as an exception in your OSX security system.

@Korni-M300 @hellenicopter I’m waiting for more information regarding 0.5 mm layer.


Are there any plans to be able to select other LPD printers in Z-Suite.


@davenew I don’t have such information at the moment.


Like usually, thank Marta


Allright, so I have tested new HOLLOW infill and it works flawlessly on my Inkspire :slight_smile:

The model is failry simple but quite big (150x100x20mm). I just need to put bigger or more sink holes… as even after print, clean, dry, there was still some resin sinking out of the model… and i have saved almost 3x of the resin!

BIG KUDOS AND THANK YOU! :slight_smile:


One more thing to mention - INKSPIRE IS AMAZINGLY TRUSTWORTHY - it prints stuff at the first approach, for a long hours, it may work when I am not there, I just come back and the print is ready :slight_smile:

What I would like to see in some near future is the Timer After print is ready :slight_smile: It is very good to know how much time is left until print is done… but it would be also nice to know how much time ago the print has finished in order to know how much cleaning it will require when I come to the print site :slight_smile:


Thank you, @cederom. I will pass your acknowledgements to our specialists, as well as your suggestion regarding the additional time counter :slight_smile: