Z-SUITE 2.12.0 released



We’ve just released new Z-SUITE 2.12.0 version. Here is the full changelog:

  • New types of editable support are available for FDM printers: Automatic, Point, Surface, Single Surface and Area type. The way of detecting areas that require support has been changed:
    –Point type is for a single, small point of a model,
    –Surface type is for the whole slope or flat surface in a model,
    –Single Surface type is for single overhanging layers,
    –Area type is for the selected range of overhanging layers in a model. This type can also be enlarged to surrounding layers,
    * Editable support is now available for the dual-extrusion mode for the M300 Dual and Inventure,
    * The program can now repair files when loading projects for the Inkspire,
    * The new Variable Layer Thickness option for Inkspire allows users to divide models into one or more areas, each of which can be printed with different layer thickness settings. Within one model, one area can be printed with thicker layers (for parts with less details) and other areas can be printed with finer layers (for parts which require high quality of details),
    * You can now select the Material Group before you select a specific resin type for Inkspire models,
    * Retraction speed has been increased to 100mm/s in the External Materials menu,
    * Bug fixes:
    - improved communication with printers: failsafe responses should be properly displayed,
    - a printer’s current state should be properly displayed in the My Devices panel,
    - if a print job fails to start from Z-SUITE, printers should display proper message relating to the cause of failure,
    - Z-ABS should be properly recognized when sending files to printers’ storage,
    - printers now display the number of replicated .zcodex copies next to the miniature during a print job,
    - models should now be properly arranged in the workspace after using the Split option,
    - opening .zprojx files for Custom Printers should no longer cause problems,
    - opening large .zprojx files should no longer cause problems with the workspace view.

Z-SUITE 2 for macOS is stable only for versions up to 10.14 (Mojave). When using newer versions, Z-SUITE 2 may not run as efficient.

You can download Z-SUITE here.