Z-Suite open Layers


Dear Zotrax Team and All

I have the same problems with open walls and holes that are not connected properly.
Is that the new Z-Suite?

the last layer always falls off on the walls

please see that this is okay as soon as possible


and we have that
on Diffrent Printer



Have you tried some previous Z-SUITE version? Also, can you share an .stl file with us?

I would suggest adjusting the contour infill gap (available in Z-SUITE 2.12.1). You can try several different values to see if there is any improvement. This setting allows to change the space between outer contours of a model and outer contours of infill, and thanks to that - make bonding between outer walls and infill stronger.

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ok the parameter is new to me you can tell me where the parameter is or a screenshoot


Sure, you will find the parameter in the Offset section:


You can run a small test print and try various settings (0.2, 0.6 mm etc.).


ok i will try this weekend
thanks for help


I didn’t get the point. Why would anybody want to weaken the bonding between walls and infill on purpose?
IMO the slicer should calculate strongest possible bonding by default and that’s it. I see no need for this setting.