Z-Suite 2.12.1 on Mac OSX


I have a brand new 16 inch macbook pro fresh out of the box, installed the latest zsuite and the latest beta, and had no luck. The icon would appear for a second an disappear, running from “show package contents” gave me an error about not having permission to access the framework it needed.

I opened terminal and ran

“sudo /Applications/Z-Suite.app/Contents/MacOS/Z-Suite ; exit;”

that allowed it to open and stay open, and then open normally after that.

I assume there is a missing permission somewhere but I have a work around for now.

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Hi @solrac,

Thank you for sharing this information - we will pass it to our software specialists.

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I just tried this and it worked! I can now open Z suite on my Mac!

Thank you @solrac


Any update on when you can work this fix into an update? Every time I restart the app I need to re-run this terminal app.


Hi @Bonra,

There is no further update at the moment.