Z-Suite 2.12.1 on Mac OSX


I’ve been using 2.12 on OSX 10.15 (Catalina) which works well, even though apparently it isn’t supposed to. I just tried 2.12.1 and it is broken (launches, but crashed on any file open). Reinstalled 2.12 which continues to work. Is there any hope for Z-Suite on Macintosh? Or is this being given up for good?

Z-Suite and Mac OS Big Sur


Solutions used in our software are still not supported by OSX Catalina. Thus, we do not have further news.

Let me please make sure - 2.12.1 does not work whereas 2.12.0 is fine, right?

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Yes. Had trouble with some versions of 2.11. 2.12.0 worked fine, with no Mono installed at all. 2.12.1 launches (first time with an odd error, error free after that) but crashes the moment I try to add an stl model. I reinstalled 2.12.0 and it continues to work well. Again, I have not installed Mono on this computer. Running OSX 10.15.3 on a 2019 Macbook Pro.



Thank you for providing additional information. Still, we do recommend having newest Mono Framework installed. Therefore, it would be good if you installed it to see if 2.12.1 works then.

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Karolina, which version of Mono do you recommend? 6.6.0 is recommended by Mono for Visual Studio, 6.8.0 for other use. I guessed that your development team is using Visual Studio but don’t really know. Which version of Mono should I try?

In 2.10 releases, installing Mono made no difference, Z-Suite ran with or without it the same. 2.12.0, the same.



When facing problems with Z-SUITE - we would actually recommend installing some previous Mono version - 5.16.

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Does 5.16 even run on Catalina? I thought 5.2 was the first version that installs as 64 bit, and Catalina only runs 64 bit applications, 32 bit have been deprecated.


Found time to look into this today. I have installed the latest Catalina update, 10.15.4. Also Z-Suite has released 2.12.2. I clean removed 2.12.0 and installed 2.12.2. No errors on install or launch, however on first launch is sticks with the message “Loading…” in the project tab and most menu items greyed out. This happens on first launch of 2.12.0 as well. I clicked on the “+” symbol (add new project) to get a fresh project tab, which displays and operates normally. Closed the original one. It all works as it is supposed to after that and on subsequent openings of the application. No Mono installed.


Z-Suite is once again broken on Catalina. I had 2.12.2 working, but just installed the latest Catalina supplemental update, now the window is all sparkly. As far as I can tell it might actually run, but the display is corrupted. I regressed to 2.12.0 as it had worked before, but the same bug. I tried installing the latest Mono framework, it made no difference at all (which has been the case for a couple of years). I tried installing Mono 5.2 but it will not install (“Software needs to be updated”).

I’d sure like to see this work on Mac again…


Just to bump on this thread. We have had a M200 for a year now, we made the move to Windows for Inventory use a few months in. We have now returned to mac only to find it’s unsupported with no date for a fix…

We were about to order a M300, now in limbo on what to do. Buy another brand, or buy a dedicated 3d printing laptop, just to run Z suite on…

Cmon guys… a good chunk of your users must have used Macs…


Hi @Bonra,

Catalina has stopped supporting solutions we have been implementing in Z-SUITE. Unfortunately, new MacOS updates prevent Z-SUITE from launching and operating correctly. Our specialists are constantly working on adjustments which would allow running Z-SUITE on Catalina - unfortunately, they stop working as soon as Apple releases a new update. Currently, we are waiting until the situation is settled down. I am sorry, but I cannot provide more information.

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I am going to once again bump this to the top. Do you need some help debugging this problem? There are hundreds of thousands of programs that run fine on Catalina, and thousands of developers who have done so successfully.

Please do not abandon OSX, and if you need help please get it. I offer my own services if you cannot find anyone else. The problems are not major (it essentially runs) but the graphic anomalies make it nearly unusable.

If Zortrax abandons OSX, then I will eventually have to abandon Zortrax.


So you think that the problem is with GPU drivers ?


Something to do with graphic rendering, could be the GPU drivers. I have seen one other program do this on Catalina. The graphics widow is covered with small blocks of pixels that alternate rapidly between blue and white. The pattern is almost random, but tends to run in horizontal stripes. The Device tab is free from these artifacts. The odd thing is that sometimes when you launch the app, it works perfectly, without these problems. Usually it will continue to work throughout that session, but sometimes, after sitting idle for awhile, the sparkling pixel blocks will start. Closing it and restarting may or may not fix it. The program can be used if you can see the graphic well enough to get through slicing. If it appears this way on the screen, the thumbnail transferred to the printer will appear with alternating horizontal grey stripes. The artifacts are only in the graphic window, not the settings sidebar, nor the device tab.

The only other functional bug I have seen is that when the program is initially launched (generally after installing), the graphic window stops with the text “Loading…”. Adding another project tab will produce the correct window, and the one frozen with “Loading…” can simply be closed.

It seems a shame that these quite repeatable and non-fatal bugs cannot be fixed. I discount the argument that Catalina is at fault, sure it may have uncovered the problem but there are hundreds of thousands of programs that run fine on Catalina, including some I have written myself. Zortrax have never said what development platform they are using for the Mac, but regardless, surely there is a workaround for whatever problems they have. The effort must be put in to implement it. Perhaps they need to think about porting to a different and more compatible platform. What I find unacceptable is to leave it open ended as they have done. Are they working on it or not? Are they committed to making it work or not?

Send me the source code (I’ll sign a non-disclosure) and let me fix it!


Hi @swarf_rat!

We sent you a PM. Please check your inbox.

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Wow, it’s great to see an explanation of what might be wrong. I hope they take you up on the offer!


I have had some communication from Marcin which reassures me that they are working on this, and remain committed to the Mac.

I’ve also done some more testing. It is possible (but not proven) that the twinkling or noisy graphics window is specific to the MacBook Pro 16 I am using, or the graphics systems in it. I am curious if anyone else is seeing this and on what hardware. It reminds you of “snow” or interference on old analog TVs.

Most of the other issues I have seen on the Mac are resolved by launching the program, adding a new project window, and closing the original one. Something does not get initialized correctly in the default project window. After doing that, everything seems to work correctly. This seems to resolve both the stuck at “Loading…” problem and several others.


More great news!

I too am running a 16MBP with the Radeon Pro 5500M, but I can’t open the app. It bounces then closes. I’m happy to test anything if needed.

I can’t recall all the details but I do know that the latest mac os broke our CAD CAM software, but our software engineer fixed it in a couple of days.


What version of OS? Did you do a very clean uninstall of previous versions of Z-Suite? Did you install the Mono Framework?

Curious as to why I have no trouble launching on identical equipment. I have seen the bouncing app that then quits, but it was awhile ago, don’t remember the app or OS version.

I remove the app with something like AppCleaner as there are files scattered here and there. I do not install Mono, in I fact removed it using the methods on Mono website, which are somewhat involved command lines in a console shell, normal removal leaves remnants behind.


Latest OS and the laptop was new 3 weeks ago. I did install the Mono Framework. I’ve also tried every recent version of Z zuite and the betas. I have 2.15 installed right now which fails to launch.