Z-Suite 2.12.1 on Mac OSX


I’ve been using 2.12 on OSX 10.15 (Catalina) which works well, even though apparently it isn’t supposed to. I just tried 2.12.1 and it is broken (launches, but crashed on any file open). Reinstalled 2.12 which continues to work. Is there any hope for Z-Suite on Macintosh? Or is this being given up for good?



Solutions used in our software are still not supported by OSX Catalina. Thus, we do not have further news.

Let me please make sure - 2.12.1 does not work whereas 2.12.0 is fine, right?

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Yes. Had trouble with some versions of 2.11. 2.12.0 worked fine, with no Mono installed at all. 2.12.1 launches (first time with an odd error, error free after that) but crashes the moment I try to add an stl model. I reinstalled 2.12.0 and it continues to work well. Again, I have not installed Mono on this computer. Running OSX 10.15.3 on a 2019 Macbook Pro.



Thank you for providing additional information. Still, we do recommend having newest Mono Framework installed. Therefore, it would be good if you installed it to see if 2.12.1 works then.

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Karolina, which version of Mono do you recommend? 6.6.0 is recommended by Mono for Visual Studio, 6.8.0 for other use. I guessed that your development team is using Visual Studio but don’t really know. Which version of Mono should I try?

In 2.10 releases, installing Mono made no difference, Z-Suite ran with or without it the same. 2.12.0, the same.



When facing problems with Z-SUITE - we would actually recommend installing some previous Mono version - 5.16.

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Does 5.16 even run on Catalina? I thought 5.2 was the first version that installs as 64 bit, and Catalina only runs 64 bit applications, 32 bit have been deprecated.


Found time to look into this today. I have installed the latest Catalina update, 10.15.4. Also Z-Suite has released 2.12.2. I clean removed 2.12.0 and installed 2.12.2. No errors on install or launch, however on first launch is sticks with the message “Loading…” in the project tab and most menu items greyed out. This happens on first launch of 2.12.0 as well. I clicked on the “+” symbol (add new project) to get a fresh project tab, which displays and operates normally. Closed the original one. It all works as it is supposed to after that and on subsequent openings of the application. No Mono installed.


Z-Suite is once again broken on Catalina. I had 2.12.2 working, but just installed the latest Catalina supplemental update, now the window is all sparkly. As far as I can tell it might actually run, but the display is corrupted. I regressed to 2.12.0 as it had worked before, but the same bug. I tried installing the latest Mono framework, it made no difference at all (which has been the case for a couple of years). I tried installing Mono 5.2 but it will not install (“Software needs to be updated”).

I’d sure like to see this work on Mac again…