Z-SUITE 2.14.1 BETA released


New Z-SUITE 2.14.1 Beta version was released. Here is the full changelog:

M300 Dual & Inventure:

  • New profiles and layer thickness values:
    • Dual-extrusion mode: Z-SEMIFLEX 0.15; 0.20 mm / Z-PLA Pro 0.30 mm / Z-PLA 0.30 mm / Z-PETG 0.30 mm / Z-GLASS 0.15; 0.20; 0.30 mm,
    • Single-extrusion mode: Z-HIPS 0.15; 0.20; 0.30 mm / Z-ULTRAT Plus 0.30 mm / Z-NYLON 0.30 mm / Z-PLA Pro 0.30 mm/ Z-PLA 0.30 mm,


  • Increased speed of operation and reduced consumption of RAM memory while generating supports and working with .zcodex files (generating, saving and loading previews),
  • Added Real View mode – it represents the real view of a bottom up print (the option can be found in the navigation cube in the top right corner of the workspace),
  • Added support for new External resins – Siraya Tech, Ameralabs and Power Resins,

M200 Plus, M300 Plus, M300 Dual, Inventure:

  • Introduced the new Contour-top gap option in the Offset section in Print Settings – it is now possible to change the distance between the top layers of a model and outer contour (the bond between the top layers and the outer contour can be increased, but the model’s dimensions may slightly change),

Bug fixes

  • Improved performance of Place by Face tool and Editable support after using the Mirror Flip option,
  • Fixed problems with detecting too long Smart Bridges areas above holes – shorter Bridge areas should now be generated separately,
  • Improved process of generating automatic support for Inkspire models – too short pillars should no longer be generated,
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong notification would appear when slicing a model that is too low,
  • Improved Editable support option’s icon for Zortrax M200 and M300,
  • Fixed problems where it wouldn’t be possible to slice a model that contains more Bottom layers than the overall number of layers,
  • Fixed problems with assigning colors to model/support blocks in the Support step (the Preferences menu),
  • Improved process of detecting collisions between objects and supports with Inkspire models,
  • Fixed problems with the Replicate .zcodex option for Inventure,
  • Improved movement pattern when finishing prints – minimized risk of leaving nozzle marks on models.

You can download Z-SUITE 2.14.1here.

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