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Here you can share your suggestions and insights on the newest Z-SUITE 2.14.1 BETA .
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Reports from CeDeROM :slight_smile:

  1. Firmware Update Check for Inkspire does not seem to react at all. After clickink “Check for Updates” there is no reaction from application. I would expect either “Firmwar is up to date” or “Firmware upgrade is available (X.Y.Z)”.

  2. Print Settings / Profile / Reset Settings sets all fields to default values, but does not default the selected material. This will result in invalid print settings for a given material. When user resets all values to default but those defauls are not valid for selected material, user needs to select the same material again in order to read material settings. “Reset Settings” should reset all material settings to the selected material, in additoin it may default the material selection box in the first place :slight_smile:

  3. Usually the strongest shapes in nature are used by the bees (hexagons etc) maybe that could be the hint to experiment with support shapes…? :slight_smile:

  4. Support issues:

  • does not generate as tree by default and I can not see an option so it is Auto Generated as tree.
  • support generation needs more focus and work please as it impacts overal quality, time, cost, and retry-until-success numbers.
  • support it is too weak on the edges (although lots of pillars) that leads to deformations, no matter if Light, Medium or Heavy is selected.
  • support gets to close to the model detailt and melts with them deforming the results… supoprt should not be placed too close to an edge AND when edge gets too parallel to the support.
  1. Rotation in MODEL section does not always allow to enter values by hand. When I want to rotate a model around Z axis, I can enter -30 value for one model but not for another model on the platform.

Thanks :slight_smile:



First of all - thank you for your feedback. We do appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Second of all, regarding the points you made.

  1. Tree support - yes, the tree support is not automatically generated. Thank you for the suggestion.
  2. Support too weak on the edges - could you send us some model you are having problems with, please? We will check that.
  3. Rotation model section - what exactly do you mean? Could you provide more details or some screenshots, please? Are you referring to the fact that if you place several models on the platform - you can set -30 value (Z axis) for one model, but this does not work for the other one, right?

Thank you in advance.

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AD1: It would be nice to try out auto-generated tree support. It should put pillar further from the printout. Just wonder how strong would it be (enough to hold bigger objects unlinke light pillar support?).

AD2: Will send problematic project via email to your. If I find a moment will put some photos here as well. It takes some time to review and tune the default auto-generated support before the print - even though sometimes it melts into the printout or its not strong or numerous enough to hold the bigger printout. I am usually arranging printouts orthogonal with the table - that gives best precision for complex casing models that then needs to fit together.

AD3: Yes, this is a GUI component issue, with one model selected I can enter Z-rotation value by hand, with other I cannot enter value by hand and I need to use buttons/knobs to set desired value.

Thank you :slight_smile:



Thank you for additional information :slight_smile: I will be waiting for the file then and our specialists will have a look at it.

Still, I am not sure if we properly understand AD3 - I checked several models and I do not have any problems to enter values by hand. Does this happen with specific models only? Please, send us a .zprojx file as well, if possible - together with a video showing exactly how you change these values.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi, I installed the beta version 2.14.1 after much effort, I uninstalled the old version and finally I managed to install new version.
I noticed that I cannot insert the supports on very small pieces. It does not insert them in any way, also changing the parameters of the supports.
So I went back to installing the old Beta version.
My suggestions:
Allow to manage the pieces on the plate separately, both if you have to insert or delete a piece, or if I need to modify the supports. At the moment I have to start again and insert all the supports on the pieces on the plate and this involves the loss of a lot of time.
If it were also possible to make a multiple selection with a window instead of individually selecting the pieces.


Generated supports and then manual deleted/added supports. about half way though saved the project. Intending to return to add/delete more supports, on opening the project file later on the supports had not been saved. and I have to start over…



What printer are you using? Does this happen with every single model? If we were to recreate the problem - could you provide some tips or provide a video or screenshots illustrating the issue?

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Here’s a new bug: I’ve created 10 parts in the prepare window. But while slicing there are shown two more out of the build area.

Best regards


Hi Daniel,

Can you share the models with us?

Best regards,


With the inkspire, it doesn’t allow to manually add supports to curved surfaces, shows the “preview” but when clicked it isn’t generated



I bring you a little problem:
On M300
During the final preview
The - button is not functional on the + or - of the% / pcs.

I find it a shame that it is a percentage of layers and not a number of layers. Why is it not possible to move layer / layer?



Hello Pierre,

I just checked a model and everything seems to work fine in the preview stage. Also, once you set pcs instead of % - the exact number of layers in your model will be displayed.


Best regards,


Hello Karolina,

Sorry for my last message, I didn’t understand that we could click on “pcs”.

I can’t find or choose the thickness of the skin?
I noticed that on the M plus there are additional parameters (Contour-infill gap) why is it not available on the M300?



Hi Pierre,

We no longer add new parameters and options for M200/M300 - we are focusing on developing options for new devices and products. As for the wall thickness - you can set it only while choosing shell infill (up to 3 pcs).

Best regards,