Z-SUITE 2.16.0 BETA released


We have just released Z-SUITE 2.16.0 BETA. After the latest full release, the next features are ready to be tested. Among them, users can find the One-click Printing for M Plus Series, M300 Dual, and Inkspire 3D printers, that enables them to quickly prepare their models for the printing. The full changelog available below:


  • The Tree type support can now be generated automatically. This support type allows users to save resin and eliminate cases where pillars of support merge with each other,

M Series Plus, M300 Dual, Inkspire

  • Added the new option One-click Printing which enables users to quickly and easily prepare files for printing. All required steps take place automatically; the user only has to choose basic settings, such as material type or layer thickness, and choose where the generated file should be saved (hard drive or the printer’s USB drive), or only showed in the Preview . Next, the program adjusts the Rotation for the file (only for Inkspire), adds the automatic support and generates the file.

Bug fixes

  • Inkspire: Fixed cases where pillars would disappear with angled surfaces when adding support manually,
  • Inkspire: Improved detection of cases where support pillars would collide with models,
  • M Series Plus, M300 Dual, Inventure: Improved generation of Smart bridges which are adjacent to the top layer area,
  • M300 Dual & Inventure: Improved extrusion at the beginning and end of prints, and at the time of changing between hotends.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback. You can download Z-SUITE 2.16.0 BETA here.