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Z-SUITE 2.16.0 BETA is here! Please share your opinions. We appreciate your feedback

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Hey we have some area what we dont can make some support not auto not by hand


the same fault is in the 2.15


Hi @Chrigi78,

Could you share an STL file with us?

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Hey Karolina

yes we can do only for the support whitch adress ?


Hi @Chrigi78,

Please, send the file to support@zortrax.com or send me a PM.

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Line support crosses the design and leaves traces when I break it off. I can delete it and put a lot of point supports, but that is a lot of work. Better would be to make line support end before it crosses design parts.


Bug Report
If you open a progect, and edit it though to the preview step, you can not Save As
Clicking the Save As Menu item does nothing.


Hi @JRD,

We were unable to recreate the issue you mentioned. Are you using macOS or Windows? Is the printer connected via Wi-Fi? Does this happen with all files, or just specific ones? Could you send us a .zprojx file, so we can check it?

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Hi I’ve managed to repeat the issue.
Steps I’ve donw

  1. Open existing file
  2. Edit (change objects, print settings, supports etc)
  3. Attempt to Save As nothing happens
  4. Save does work


This is the lastest version of the file

This is an eailyer version with same issue.
back.zcodex (4.3 MB)


Hi The menus key disappearing