Z-Suite 2.2 Beta Scaling bug

Z-Suite 2.2 does NOT like multi screen setups - if the screens have different DPI scaling.

Main Screen 4K w/200% scale (Thinkpad Notebook)

2/3rd screens - 2k7 screens @ 100% scale (Dell external screens)

Z-Suite seems to take the scale from the main screen - despite (correctly) starting on 2nd or 3rd after a "closedown" - result -  everything is "blown" to double size on all but main screen.

Moving Z-Suite to main screen - everything is visible - moving back to 2nd or 3rd screen - most things are not visible as view area "doubles"

Fix: Use the scaling API - check scaling on EACH connected display. Use M$ API when Window is moved between screens and adapt as per Windows Development guidelines :)

Fix 2: When starting program - check scaling for the display program is starting on - not just the first display in the list.