Z-Suite > 2.20.0 don't work

I was running version 2.16 on W7 for a long time, no need to update since I use a M200 and there have been no improvements for it.
Anyway today I decided to upgrade to 2.24 but after disinstalling the old and installing the new I found that when launching the new all I get is splash screen and then nothing. In services I see z-suite appear and then go away.
So I reboot and nothing changed, disinstalled 2.24 and installed 2.23 nothing changed
So I found I can run 2.18 and 2.18.1 but all other version give same problem

What has changed from 2.20 ?


Hi Roby,

since 2.20.0 - Z-SUITE requires Windows Desktop Runtime 3.1.10 for proper operation. The file should have been downloaded during installation, however, some error might have occurred and the file was not installed. Please,double-check this.

Also, you may clear the given folder: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming (remember to copy printing profiles first in case you saved your own ones - otherwise they will be deleted).

If you are still unable to run Z-SUITE - check if there are any logs concerning .NET errors (Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application).

Best regards

I disinstalled Runtime and reinstalled…
disinstalled 2.18, cleaned roaming dir and installed 2.24
I have no errors in event viewer
nothing changed

disinstalled and reinstalled all above
nothing changed :frowning:

Hi Roby,

Z-SUITE also requires ASP.NET Core Runtime 3.1.10 (or higher) file, so please, check this as well. However, there might be a problem with Windows 7 system iself - you may need to install some additional file (such as the service pack). Could you please check the system version?

Also, have a look at the post where users shared information what updates worked for them (such as SP1, SDK).

I left the problem and kept 2.18 till yesterday but now I want to be ready for Zsuite 3
I tryed v2.26 but still same problems

Here the list of what there is installed tell me what is wrong

Hello Roby,

it seems that the system has not been updated for some longer time.

You need to install the following KB update - otherwise, Z-SUITE will not work. This information was also provided in the links listed above:

You can download the file here.

Best regards

Hi Karolina
I have KB3063858 already installed

this is something I don’t know how to install

not so much help here…

how can I enable a log and see what happens when I launch z-suite ?

Hello Roberto,

unfortunately, the problems with launching Z-SUITE do not seem to be caused by the software itself - they are rather caused by Windows. Win7 has not been supported by Microsoft for quite some time now, hence problems with external software programs may occur. Sadly, I am afraid there is nothing more we can do about it. However, updating to Win10 could help.

As for the logs - you need to open the Event Viewer app, then go to Winows Logs -> Applications. You might find ones concerning .NET Core.