Z-suite 2.23 power use on MacBook Pro

I’ve been using 2.20 on my 2019 Macbook Pro 16" with Catalina OS without problems. Upgraded yesterday to 2.23 and found that the power use was 3x, even doing nothing at all. It is using 100% of the cpu and 100% of the GPU memory, processor is running at 200 deg C constantly, fans running at full speed, even with Z-suite in the background. Regressed to 2.20 and it went back to normal.

Anyone else having this problem?

It seemed to work OK, though I do not like not being able to shrink the window to less width.

Hi @swarf_rat,

thank you for your feedback, our software specialists have already recreated the problem you are facing and are working on providing a solution. We will definitely provide an update as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Thanks, looking forward to the fix. I’d also like to request that the ability to shrink the window be restored. On 2.23, there was a minimum size which was most of the screen, obscuring everything else. With limited screen area on a laptop, this is not a good idea.

Just downloaded and installed 2.24, the power problem on the Macbook Pro is still present, making it unusable.

Hi @swarf_rat,

have you tried Z-SUITE BETA 2.25.0 yet? Major changes regarding macOS have been applied, including fixing the problem that would cause high CPU usage. Please check this version, as it should help to resolve all issues you have been facing.

We will be waiting for your feedback.

Best regards

Hi Karolina,

I have used 2.25 beta for a couple of days now and it does indeed solve the high power usage problem. Thanks for addressing this! So far I have seen no other problems with 2.25.

Hi @swarf_rat,

thank you so much for the feedback - we are really glad to hear the problem has been resolved since 2.25.0 release.