Z-SUITE 2.3 BETA released

I've just checked how those option work on my PC and laptop.


Intel Core i7 4,00 GHz


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

No delay at all when using copying/paste, rotate and move the object options


Intel Core i5 2,2 GHz


NVIDIA GeForce 920 M

There is a delay indeed. It takes about 3 seconds to copy a benchy.

Could you tell me more about the hardware you have in your PC?

I just run it on my desktop.

Intel Core i7-5930k CPU @ 3.5GHz


Windows 10 Professional

NVidia Quadro K4200

I've just compared version 1.1 and version 2.3 with copy and paste. Version 1.1 took 2 seconds to paste and version 2.3 took 6 seconds. I find the object move and rotate functions similarly slow in version 2.3. With 10 or more objects on the platform, the manual object move and rotate commands are so slow I can't use them. I have to use auto orientate. Maybe this is something that is just affecting me.

Having said this, I so like the rest of the enhancements I can't image I'll ever go back to version 1.

I think this might be just a you issue. I haven't had any of the issues you seem to be having. 

Any update on when this will be available on Mac OSX?

Any update on when this will be available on Mac OSX

We're doing everything we can to launch it asap.