Z-Suite forgets default printer

Since updating Z-Suite to it forgets the default printer saved in the preferences. I had it set to M200 Plus, but now it is None. I can set it again to M200 Plus and save the configuration, but after restarting Z-Suite the default printer is again set to None.

Hello Joelk,

What operating system are you using, and which version?

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I’m using Win 10 Enterprise Ver 21H1. Some other parameters I’ve tried to change (e.g. Z-Suite folder location, remember management method choice, export the report to a .txt file) remain unchanged after save->close Z-suite->open Z-suite->File->Preferences, but the Default Printer always gets changed to None.


Hello Joelk,

Thank you for pointing it out, we are already working on this issue.

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il y a comme un problème avec Z-suite

Hello Yannick,

Does the error persist?

Are you able to recreate the error and list all the steps you did?

What Z-Suite version were you using before, also which system version are you using?

You can try renaming Zortrax directory “C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Zortrax”

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Same here, installed previous version.