Z-suite 2.30 - Grey screen interface

Hello to all,
I just updated Z-suite 2 to the 2.30 version, only to find it doesn’t work at all…
I load a .stl file, it displays the geometry. so far so good.
I click on print settings, and… still waiting for something to show up where it should be.
Instead there is the grey screen like it’s still trying to load the page.

What’s happening ???

For the moment I will downgrade z-suite to the precedent version to keep printing.
Please fix it ? Thaaaaaaanks



what is your operating system?

If you are using Windows - please go to go to AppData → Roaming and change the folder’s name (Zortrax), for example to Zortrax2 (a new Zortrax folder will be generated automatically once you run Z-SUITE again):


Please check if Z-SUITE starts working correctly then. If yes - please copy Zortrax2 folder and send it to me. Our specialists will have a look what could have caused the issue.

Best regards,