Z-SUITE 2.6.0 released!

Hello, Everyone!

We have just released a new Z-SUITE version, which:

  • Improves overall printing quality for the following materials: Z-ABS, Z-PLA Pro, Z-HIPS, Z-PETG, Z-ASA Pro, Z-ULTRAT (Zortrax M200 Plus); Z-PETG (Zortrax M200 and M300)

  • Provides operation history in the Model and the Support steps. You can undo or redo any action with arrows in the left top corner or using shortcuts: CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y,

- Adds the Place by Face tool - it allows you to rotate the model so that the selected face of the model is placed on the platform’s surface,

  • Allows to change the name of the .zcodex while sending the file directly from Z-SUITE to the printer,

  • Adds the notification “Printing Completed”, which is displayed in the My Devices tab after the finished printing process,

  • Allows to export .zcode/.zcodex while Z-SUITE is preparing the preview of the model (immediately after slicing),

  • Imports files without repairing. However, as this option disables the Analysis and Support steps, in the Print Settings, the only available option is Shell infill,

  • Adds a Report in the Analysis step, which displays information about the percentage of printable walls.

It's available via autoupdater or on our Support Center: https://support.zortrax.com/downloads/software/.

Z suite 2.6.0  crashed in windows 7 pro after closing it.

Z Suite is eating complete system resources. It makes it impossible to work with Solid Edge and Z Suite at the same time.

What's going on Zortrax !? I'm trying to print a large part for almost 2 weeks now without any luck so far. Almost consumed 2 spools of Z-ABS

If the print does not succeed today I will have to go back to an older stable release.

After struggling for a long time to print large parts on my M200. I was finally able to print very large parts without any problem even with Z-ABS !!!!! What did change here ?

My client wants to cancel the assignment.

And I'm not happy about it !!!

Thank you :)

Please add some Presets like i said on 2.3.1

It would be nice to have a Preset of your own printer.

Everytime when i start a new Tab (New Project) it's frustrating to select your own Printer.

Because i want just to start a new Tab, and do a drag and drop of the 3d file.

It would be nice to save the standard Printer and if you want a other one, you have the option in the left corner: that's enough if you ask me :).

Thank you!

BTW: the creation of empty PrintMoves that I reported about a year ago is still present in V2.6.0.0.